Cecil Field Military Training Facility

Military Flight Support at Jacksonville JetPort

Military Flight Support at Jacksonville JetPort

Cecil Field is home to some of the best training facilities on the East Coast. A former Navy Master Jet Base, this airfield has all of the pieces needed for successful operations away from home — superb operations support facilities, low cost logistics support, access to great ranges and target complexes and incredible off-duty recreational opportunities. With traffic volume at just a fraction of airfield capacity, operations can be uniquely tailored to the squadron needs. If you need something special, just ask. We'll do everything possible to make it happen! Make Cecil Field your next stop for a training deployment or weekend flight.


  • Yes! We have government contract fuel!
  • Hot Refueling Available for FA-18’s, F-15’s, E-2/C-2’s, CV/MV-22’s and AV-8’s.  Call to coordinate.  Fully authorized by DLA.
  • Airfield operates 24/7 with no PPR required
  • Air to Air and Air to Ground ranges nearby
  • Numerous Low Level MTR’s (Military Training routes); 2 commence right from Cecil Field
  • New Fleet Hangar with 3000 sq. ft. available for squadron use as needed
  • 500 sq. ft. of separate shop space available for military use in new hangar
  • Second hangar complete with 9,000 SF of hangar space
  • Additional 2,400SF Ops/Maint building available July 2017

Auxiliary Airfield for Landing Practice – US Navy operated

  • OLF Whitehouse Field (NEN) – 6.5 mi. North of Cecil Field (scheduled through NAS Jacksonville Air Operations).  It’s dark at night and you can use a 600 foot FCLP pattern just like at the boat!

Controlled Airspace nearby – all MOA’s, targets and Warning Areas are within 40 to 70 miles

(Scheduled through FACSFACJAX)

  • Target Complexes
    • Pinecastle (R-2910)
    • Rodman (R-2906)
    • Lake George (R-2907)
  • Open Ocean Warning Areas
    • W-137
    • W-138
    • W-139
    • W-140
  • Other Special Use Airspace
    • Gator Low MOA
    • Live Oak MOA (Scheduled through Moody AFB)
    • Palatka 1 & 2 MOAs

Military divert fields available

  • NAS Jacksonville – 10 miles East
  • NAS Mayport – 25 miles NE
  • Jacksonville International – 20 mile NE with arresting gear

Fueling capabilities

  • Rapid (Hot) Refueling service with Navy qualified ground crews
  • The FIRST and ONLY commercial DLA authorized hot refueling site for fixed wing aircraft in the United States
  • Contract Fuel (DLA-Energy) – Jet A1+ fuel available (CI/LI additive by request for FA-18 E/F/G and A-10 aircraft)

Quality of Life – Transportation, Lodging and other personnel services

  • Rental Cars (Enterprise and Hertz Gold)
  • Hotels – military per diem rates available
  • Nearby Restaurants and catered meals as requested
  • Free bottled water
  • Gym and indoor Olympic pool on site
  • Golf courses nearby – one on site
  • Jacksonville downtown only 20 minutes away
  • NAS Jacksonville Navy base 10 miles to east
  • Area beaches and other attractions

Military Info Brochure

Download the military training facility to learn more

Airfield assets

  • 12,500 Ft. Runway plus two 8,000 Ft. Runways
  • Air Traffic Control Tower operates 0700-2300 M-F; 0700-2100 S-S
  • ILS, VOR, GPS & TACAN Approaches
  • Suitable for NVG training
  • Low volume traffic in pattern and on taxiways
  • Large buffer area surrounding field for safety and noise concerns
  • Large open ramp areas
  • Fire protection – 24 Hour ARFF
  • 24 hour secure airside (Gated with badge controlled access to runway/ramp areas)
  • Generally excellent year round flying weather
  • 24 hour fuel support


  • Hangar available for O level maintenance
  • Limited FA-18 maintenance support available through Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (located at Cecil)
  • Yellow gear available including electric and air carts (huffers)
  • Hi Power areas

Training/ Ops Building – available year round

  • 4000 sq. ft. Training/Classroom Building
  • Large and fully outfitted maintenance control with counter and desks, direct access to ramp and aircraft
  • Ops Duty Office- Complete with white boards, VHF radio, UHF antenna connection
  • Three briefing rooms for pilots, wall mounted TVs
  • Ready room – large enough to seat 20 or more pilots
  • Wireless high-speed internet throughout the entire building
  • NMCI with 84 drops
  • High Speed WiFi
  • Central Heat & Air throughout the entire building
  • Two offices for CAG/CO/XO and QA
  • Plenty of FREE parking for pilots and ground crew
  • Kitchen area complete with coffee, microwave, toasters and refrigerators


  • Paraloft – With site approval and hooks for 60 sets of flight gear, large inspection table
  • Ready Service Locker with site approval for up to 50 lbs N.E.W.
  • Line shack – outfitted with refrigerator, desks and couch
  • Hazmat locker and oily rag disposal area
  • 250,000 sq. ft. concrete ramp with tie downs
  • In depth FOD program for ramps and runways

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