Great Service, Price, and Place

Your gateway to Northeast Florida, The Jacksonville JetPort at Cecil Airport is the premier FBO at the area's largest airport serving all your military, corporate and private flying needs.

Competitive Fuel Pricing @ JaxJetPort

Competitive Fuel Prices

At the Jacksonville JetPort, we know that having the best service isn’t the only attribute important to customers so we ensure that our PRICES are the best in Jacksonville as well. Whether you are an occasional visitor who pays our low retail rate or a corporate customer who carries a wallet full of contract fuel cards, you’re going to find that the Jacksonville JetPort is your best value.More Info »
Cecil Airport has one of the longest runways in the Southeast United States

No Landing Fees

Nothing is worse than landing at an airport and then seeing a mountain of fees added to your bill.  Landing fees, security fees, carbon offset fees (probably someday) and other surprise fees….  Well, we don’t like surprises either so at the Jacksonville JetPort we want to be up front about how much it is going to cost to land at Cecil.  Let’s see….More Info »

Brakes Not Required

Well, almost not required.  Cecil Airport has one of the longest runways in the Southeast United States (12,500 feet) not to mention two more 8,000 foot runways.  Even so, taxi times are short since the FBO is located right in the middle of the airport.  Cecil is just as close to downtown as that other big airport way, way up there on the north end of town, and we’re closer to Orange Park and the south side of Jacksonville.More Info »

Why Choose Jax JetPort

Looking for a great place for a layover or quick turn in Northeast Florida? Instead of fighting pattern and ground traffic at the other Jacksonville airports, stop in at Cecil Airport where you’ll be the center of attention at our FBO. You’ll roll right up to the red carpet where you and your passengers will receive VIP treatment. In just minutes you will be off to Jacksonville destinations for fun in the sun or that all-important business meeting.

We take pride in our culture of courteous and efficient service. Our line service department is professional and friendly whether fueling aircraft, greeting passengers, helping with luggage, offering transportation services, moving aircraft, picking up special deliveries or filling any number of special requests.

Whether you’re stopping in for a hot cup of coffee or planning to stay awhile, you’re sure to be impressed by our FBO services and facilities. Our terminal was designed with your needs and comfort in mind and features a professional and functional environment. Our customer service representatives are always available to assist you with reservations and special requests during your stay.

No Landing Fees & Competitive Fuel Prices

Nominal ramp fees (waived with minimum fuel purchase).