Cecil Airport

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Strategically Located in Northeast Florida

Cecil Airport is unique with its long runways, no landing fees, low pattern and ground traffic and easy access to downtown Jacksonville. The airfield, decommissioned as a Naval Air Station in 1999, is rapidly growing as a commercial airport used for general aviation and military flight operations.

Airport Diagram and Instrument Approaches:

Download current PDF of official airport diagram and approaches from the FAA

Airport Coordinates:N30°12.98′ W81°52.49′
Airport Elevation:81 ft.
Time Zone:UTC -4 (UTC -5 during Standard Time)
Control tower: Open 7 days a week 0700 – 2100 (Local time)
121.625/ 384.4
126.1/ 387.025

Ground Communication Outlet (GCO) (during non-tower hours): 121.725 Used for communicating with Jax Approach (4 clicks) or Gainesville Flight Service Station (6 clicks).

Instrument Approaches:ILS 36R (I-VQQ  109.5)
VOR 9R (VQQ  117.9)
GPS 9R, 27L, 18L, 36R

ATIS/ASOS:  (904) 778-6934 ATIS (ASOS active only when tower is closed).

Jacksonville Airport Authority (JAA)

After hours or emergency call:
JAA Comm Center (904) 741-2040
Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department: Emergencies Dial 911

Travel Time to/from Cecil Airport and:

Downtown Jacksonville – 19 minutes
Jacksonville Naval Air Station – 25 minutes
Jacksonville Beach – 50 minutes
Orange Park – 20 minutes
Mayo Clinic – 45 minutes
Ponte Vedra Beach – 50 minutes
Southside – 30 minutes

Why choose VQQ Cecil Airport over JAX Jacksonville International Airport

Current Airport Diagram and Instrument Approaches

Download the current PDF of official airport diagram and approaches from the FAA
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